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I'm a Digital Marketer, An Engineer
And I occasionally Jumprope for the gram

The engineer

"Here are the facts 💯"

The Marketer

"There are no facts, only interpretations 💭"

The Jumproper

"I only jump to conclusions 🚀"

About Me

My name is Vineet Noronha

A goal-oriented digital marketer with the ability to translate marketing analytics to stronger user experiences for customer growth and retention.

"To stop learning, is to stop growing."

Living by this rule, my career successfully upgraded from a skilled design engineer to a problem-solving digital marketing professional.

The sheer hard work of graduating as an engineer has instilled in me a certain level of self-discipline, to which I owe most of my achievements.

Exploring the creative realm, I aim to help brands deliver a unique and fulfilling customer experience to every lead.

I continue to spend my time building my individuality as a marketer to stay relevant and influential in the industry.

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Digital Marketer

Digital Customer Experience | Content Strategy | Website Management & SEO | Social Media Marketing | Email Marketing | Market Strategy | Data Analysis | Location Analysis | Marketing Analytics | Survey Design and Execution | Customer Journey Mapping

Key Skills:
Wordpress | Wix | Google Analytics | Hubspot | Facebook / Google Ads | SurveyMonkey | MS Office | MS Excel | MS Powerpoint | Semrush | LucidChart | Salesforce | Piinpoint | Envision | Google Data Studio | SolidWorks | AutoCAD | Canva | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator

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Hit me up on IG if you want to learn how to jumprope

Engineering Projects

Off Road Crusaders vehicle for BAJA SAE 2017

Robotic Arm, Don Bosco Institute of Technology (May 2017)

Off Road Crusaders (June 2016-Feb 2017)

A Robotic arm modelled off a human arm (4-DOF) that can carry out workshop operations wirelessly without the need of an operator. Integrated with a Raspberry Pi, this arm performs pre programmed tasks that are transmitted through an Android device using WiFi. We successfully designed and manufactured a machine that can be controlled wirelessly from any part of the world by using just a Smartphone

Designed and manufactured the braking system of an all-terrain vehicle for the Offroad Crusaders from Don Bosco Institute of Technology that took part in BAJA SAE 2017 & Enduro Student India 2017.

In the end, we only regret the chances we do not take

Toronto, ON

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